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Where do bees sleep?

Dr. Universe: Where do bees sleep? -Annalisa, 10, Middletown, NJ

Dear Annalisa,

Sleep is important for lots of the animals on our planet. Just like you need a good rest, so do bees. But, bee sleep is different than human sleep. » More …

How does sand stick together?

Dear Dr. Universe: How does sand stick together? -Kamrin, USA

Dear Kamrin,

Sand is actually made up of lots of different things. When we look at it under the microscope, we can see cooled lava, coral, seashells, and other kinds of wonderful, colorful rocks. » More …

Part 2: Why does music give us chills?

Dr. Universe: Why does music give us chills? -Nicole, 11, Spokane, Wash.

Dear Nicole,

It turns out that the experience of getting chills when we listen to music actually has a scientific name: frisson. That’s what I found out when I met up with Washington State University brain scientist Steve Simasko. » More …