Why do volcanoes “die”?

Each volcano’s life is a little different. Many of them are born when big chunks of the Earth’s crust, or tectonic plates, collide or move away from each other. The moving plates force hot, liquid rock, or magma, to rise up from deep within the Earth.

When things get super hot and lot of pressure builds up in the magma chambers, volcanoes can erupt. Some volcanoes can spew ash and lava several miles into the sky. Others will slowly ooze out lava.

Just as each volcano is unique, so are the reasons they go extinct.

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What is the smallest insect on Earth?

When I saw your question, I set out to explore with my bug net and a magnifying glass. I was searching all around for tiny insects when I ran into my friend Laura Lavine, a Washington State University scientist who studies bugs.

She said there are nearly a million different kinds of insects on Earth. The smallest of all the known ones are called fairyflies.

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