Hey cool cats, I’m Dr. Universe. Here to answer your baffling science questions. Like this one. Dear Dr. Universe why are apples red? In nature different colors sometimes send a message to different plants and animals. The message might be don’t eat me as is the case of some brightly colored poisonous frogs. Other times it might be a chameleon using it’s colors to attract a mate saying hey look over here. But scientists think the apples red color might just be a way of telling hungry animals we’re delicious. Long before humans were shopping for apples at the supermarket bears were scavenging for fruit in forests. One idea is that bears are particularly attracted to red. A color that really pops against green leaves. When bears see the red fruit they eat it digest it and poop out the seeds. That way new generations of trees can grow and produce even more apples. Send me a science question of your own at AskDrUniverse.wsu.edu.