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Got a question? Any question? Ask Dr. Universe.

Submit questions for Dr. Universe (about science, technology, engineering or math, please) using this handy form. I can’t wait to hear all the paw-some things you’re wondering about.

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Student-Led Podcasts

As a science cat, I like getting my paws dirty in the field—especially collecting specimens or water samples to take back to my microscope. But I really love science writing.

If your class or group is interested in working on a podcast episode with me, reach out to my human assistant. It takes about 6 months for young scientists to research and write a script and then work through editing, factchecking, and recording.

Contact/Human Assistant
Melissa Mayer


Here’s the latest student-led podcast for your listening pleasure.

Today, the intrepid 4th graders from Palouse Prairie Charter School take me on a space tour in their Boomcrusher space shuttle. Come along!

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