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Got a question? Any question? Ask Dr. Universe.

Adults can help kids submit questions to Dr. Universe using this handy form. At this time, Dr. Universe is focusing on questions about science, technology, engineering, and math. If you have a question about another fascinating topic in our world, you might ask your grownup or teacher or check out your local library.

Need some inspiration?

Dr. Universe is currently seeking questions about:


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  • (If you want a chance to be featured on the podcast)

Video Submissions

Families can record and submit questions to researchers at Washington State University for a chance to appear on Ask Dr. Universe: Meet the Scientists, a Q&A program that gives kids the chance to explore the possibilities in STEM. If your child would like a chance to be featured on a future episode, e-mail

The program is a service of Northwest Public Broadcasting and Washington State University.

Melissa Mayer