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The intrepid scientist is back. She is relentless in her pursuit of knowledge, but not necessarily tireless. She is a cat, after all, and cats like to nap.

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Here are a couple questions she’s already answered. Check them out and prepare yourself for more to come.

Lightning Suit

Dr. Universe,
I wanted to know if there is something that lightning won’t come near. I just wanted to know so I could protect myself against lightning.

Thanks, Philip

If you’re thinking of making a suit of rubber, forget it. It won’t work. There is nothing lightning won’t come near. It is unpredictable…

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Black Hole

Dear Dr. Universe,
If there were a black hole between the Earth and moon, what would we see?

Steven Raabe

Donuts in the sky. That’s the easy answer.
The more difficult, and probably much more painful, answer depends on your view. You’d see a spot in the sky where light disappears as if…

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Fuzzy fliers

Dr. Universe,
Do bats have habits?

Robert Z.

You are onto something. Quick, to the bat-lab! That is where Dr. Christine Portfors studies fruit bats at Washington State University in Vancouver…

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