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STEM Supply Drive

It all started with a question: How can we help students in our community learn about STEM?

The answer from many local educators was access to more science materials. Dr. Universe wants to make sure kids (our future scientists and engineers) have the materials they need to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math.

Ask Dr. Universe is based out of Washington State University, a public research university committed to a tradition of service and access to education.

When is the STEM Supply Drive?  

Wednesday, March 14 (Pi Day) through Friday, April 30.

What kind of items can I donate?

We’re collecting every day items from Play-Doh and toothpicks to robotics kits to paper products.

Download the supply list and flyer. Questions? Contact Rachel Webber at

Picnic Products
Paper Plates- 300
Styrofoam Cups- 100
Styrofoam Plates- 75
Paper Lunch Bags- 75
Aluminum Foil- 5 boxes of 12″ x 250 sq ft
Paper Towels
Plastic Condiment Cups- 150
Clear Cups- 30
1/2 inch wide straws- 30

Mini Marshmallows
Sugar Cubes- 2 boxes
Toothpicks- 5 boxes

Office Supplies/Outdoor/Hardware
Extra Large Rubber Bands (as big as possible)- 150
D Cell batteries- 30
LED diodes- 100
Coin Cell batteries- 100
Copper tape
Copper wire
Conductive thread
Battery holders w/ alligator clips- 12
Ring magnets- 100
Seeds (Summer growing)
Small planters
Neodymium Magnets- 5 magnets
100 mL graduated cylinder- 2
Kids books about scientists/inventors
Legos, old or new
Coffee Filters
Construction Paper
Colored Pencils

Play-Doh- 25 cylinders
Popsicle sticks- 200
Pipe cleaners- 200
Balloons- 3 packages
Clothes pins- 300
Rubiks Cube- 2

No nonsense nylon kneesocks- 10 pair value, 4 boxes

Toilet paper/paper towel/wrapping paper cardboard tubes
Empty plastic water bottles
Empty Egg Cartons
Other kinds of recyclables that can be used for tinkering and engineering!

Big Wish Items (You can find more details on these items on the Wish List here!)

Magnetic Tiles Blocks STEM Set
Ozobot Bit Classroom Kit
Ozobot Markers Set
Snap Circuit Student Kit
Raspberry Pi3 Sparkfun Starter Kit
Snap Circuits
Primary Colors of Light, Light Blox
SRA Science Cards- McGraw Hill Curriculum Grades 3-6
AMScope M158C-E Compound Monocular Microscope
Medium bottle of ferrofluid
LEGO Basic Bricks

Where will items go?

This year the items will go to local schools, libraries, and after-school programs in the Pullman-area. If you would like to be future recipient of materials, let us know via e-mail.

Where can I drop off an item?

Neill Public Library- Front Desk

Moscow Public Library- Front Desk

Pullman PTA/Pullman Parks and Recreation- Front Desk

Hulbert Hall- Room 421

Thompson Hall- Room 309

Compton Union Building- Lower 45

Todd Hall- Room 570

Information Technology Building- Room 2013B

Northwest Public Broadcasting, Murrow West- Room 327

PACCAR Building- Outside the IDEX Collaboratory in the lobby

Voiland School of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Office- Wegner 105

Voiland Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Building- EME 102

WSU Office of Research, Lighty 280, Front Desk


My organization/department would like to help or host a drop-off box.

That’s awesome. E-mail for more info.


Thanks to the planning committee representatives from Pullman School District and WSU Center for Civic Engagement. 

The STEM Supply Drive is based out of University Marketing and Communications. A friendly-reminder: University funds cannot be used to purchase items. Policies for University Surplus Property are here.