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What materials would you use to make a rocket?

Dr. Universe: What materials would you use to make a rocket?

-Freya, Scotland

Dear Freya,

Whether it’s a model rocket you build in the backyard or one that launches a space shuttle, there are lots of materials you could use. So, when I saw your question I grabbed my lab coat and safety goggles, and zoomed over to my friend Jake Leachman’s lab. He’s a rocket scientist and engineer at Washington State University. » More …

What is wind?

Dr. Universe,

My fourth grade students and I want to know: What is wind?

Thank You!

-Ms. Flores, East Alton, IL

Dear Ms. Flores and 4th graders,

There’s wind in the Alton, Illinois, forecast this week, so it’s prime time for an answer. In fact, it looks like there’s wind all around Earth and even some gusts out on other planets. » More …