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Do bugs get headaches?

Dear Dr. Universe: I have a question for you about ants. From what I searched on Google, an ant has a nervous system, blood, open circular system, muscles, and a brain. So, Dr. Universe, the question is, do ants or other insects get headaches? Cause they work hard.

–Joseph, 14, Singapore

Dear Joseph,

If you’ve ever had a headache, it might have felt like pain was radiating right out of your brain. » More …

What causes lightning?

Dear Dr. Universe: What causes lightning?

-Monica, 10, Costa Rica

And while we’re at it, let’s answer these questions:

When lightning strikes the ocean, what happens to the fish? –Olivia, 12, Manchester, UK

Why is lightning attracted to metal objects? –Grant, 11, Pullman, Wash.

Why does lightning sometimes just happen in clouds? –Leo, 11, Cayman Islands


Dear Monica, Olivia, Grant, and Leo:

While you are probably not in the middle of an electrical storm right now, there are more than 1,000 happening at any given moment on our planet. They happen on Saturn, Venus, and Jupiter, too.   » More …

How do spiders make silk?

Dear Dr. Universe: How do spiders make silk? Also, sometimes spiders hang down from the ceiling, when they climb back up, where does the silk go? –Johnny, 8, Pullman, WA

Dear Johnny,

Spiders can do some amazing things with their sticky, stretchy, and super-strong silk. Us cats are pretty curious about these little silk-spinning machines, too. » More …