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Where do butterflies go when it rains?

Dear Dr. Universe: Where do butterflies go when it rains? –Charleigh, 8, Minor Hill, Tenn.

Dear Charleigh,

Whenever there’s heavy rains or winds, butterflies seem to disappear. This is because butterflies hide when it rains. That’s what I found out from my friend David G. James who is an associate professor at Washington State University. He studies insects, including butterflies, in the Pacific Northwest. » More …

What can you tell me about parasites?

Dear Dr. Universe: What can you tell me about parasites? -Brianna, 12, Eastern Wash.

Dear Brianna,

A parasite is an organism that steals resources from another organism in order to survive. Our planet is home to all kinds of parasites and organisms that host them. » More …

How does our refrigerator work?

Dear Dr. Universe: How does our refrigerator work? -Brody, 12

Dear Brody and Friends:

While a stove or oven produces heat, a fridge can’t actually produce something called “cold.” So, how does a refrigerator manage to keep all your food cool? » More …

Is there such thing as cold?

Hi Dr. Wendy Sue: Me and my brother had a little bit of an argument about the point that there is no such thing as cold. He said liquid nitrogen produces cold, which I think is absurd, but lack the knowledge to explain it. Can you please explain to us why there is no cold?

– Brody, 12

Dear Brody,

It’s a snowy morning and the thermometer reads 20 degrees Fahrenheit. You grab a jacket and a pair of mittens for your paws. It’s going to be a cold day. » More …

Who came up with the word “science”?

Dear Dr. Universe: I was wondering, how did science get its name? Who thought of it? Does it mean something special? -Jada, 10

Dear Jada,

If you were to travel around the world, the word “science” might look or sound very different. In Spanish, it’s ciencia. In Japanese, 理科. In German, wissenschaft! And in French…well, it’s also science. But with an accent.  » More …

How are twins made?

Dear Dr. Universe: How are twins made?

Dr. Universe is a gray cat wearing her white lab coat, yellow pants, and red shirt in the forest when she runs into four nine-banded armadillos and starts thinking about what it would be like to have a twin. Her twin has blue glasses and a yellow shirt.

–Brody, 8, Kauai, Hawaii

Dear Brody,

By the time you finish reading this sentence, about twenty babies will have been born into our world. Sometimes they’re twins. » More …

How does rubber bounce?

How does rubber bounce?

-Evan H., Cimmaron, Kan.

Whether it comes from trees or is made by scientists in a lab, rubber can really bounce. Well, a rubber band or rubber on your shoes might not be very bouncy. But a super bouncy rubber ball? It can really catch some air. » More …

How much does an eyeball weigh?

Dr. Universe: How much does an eyeball weigh?

-Rahman, 10, Tollygunge, India

Dear Rahman,

Our animal kingdom is full of different eyes. The human eye weighs less than an ounce. That’s about as heavy as 11 pennies. But I suppose the answer to your question really depends on which eyeballs you are curious about. Perhaps you are looking for an answer about the biggest animal eyes on our planet. » More …